Blockchain-Enabled Gateways Are Powering The Industry’s Speedy Development

Blockchain-Enabled Gateways Are Powering The Industry’s Speedy Development

Bitcoin price has continued to rise despite not being expressly recognized and adopted by governments and major global institutions yet.

The growth which is evident in terms of volume and market capitalization is mainly motivated by the improved ease of interchanging the cryptocurrency with fiat and vice versa.

The ease of interaction between Bitcoin and fiat

The transition between cryptocurrencies and fiat remain an essential part of blockchain development. Services offered by blockchain-enabled gateways are taking credit for contributing significantly towards the development of Bitcoin and blockchain as a whole.

The two major applications of Bitcoin by users are:

  • Bitcoin as an investment
  • Bitcoin as a currency

Bitcoin as an Investment

Over the years, investing in Bitcoin has proven to be a profitable venture. The overall increase in the price of the cryptocurrency despite intermediary drawbacks justifies the actions of users who see the entity as a store of value.

Digital currencies are excellent in storing value and providing a decentralized investment platform. Consumers can buy and sell cryptocurrencies simply and quickly using exchanges. Unlike stocks or equities, cryptocurrencies are decentralized, simple, and user-friendly. The ‘store of value’ model for Bitcoin and others will continue to be a great use.

However, mainstream consumers are still wanting the benefits that traditional banking affords. Customer service, client rewards, and fast transaction times are all areas where banking has been far more successful than cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin as a currency

Michael Vogel, CEO of Netcoins defines Bitcoin as a truly re-defining “currency” in a way the world has never seen before. Some of the attributes of Bitcoin that enable it to function as a currency are divisibility and fungibility.

Bitcoin can be divided into smaller units. This attribute makes it easy for the cryptocurrency to be used as a means of transaction. Also, the fact that units of Bitcoin can be interchanged qualifies it as a genuine currency. However, one aspect of Bitcoin that has so far discouraged its total application by the public as a currency, especially by merchants is price volatility.

Vogel describes the present volatility of Bitcoin price as part of an aggressive growth phase.  According to him, some of this volatility is by design, since fixing the total number of coins encourages investors and speculators to bring liquidity and grow the user-base.


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