Biggest ICOs 2017 ( Top 10 ICOs )

Biggest ICOs 2017

Biggest ICOs 2017 ( Top 10 ICOs )

Here are the Top 10 (16 actually) ICOs for 2017.


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Here is the list of the biggest ICO for 2017:


#16: Monetha – $36 million

Monetha’s goal is to be the decentralized version of Paypal and Trustpilot and hopefully the $36 million will be enough to fight the big giants.


#15: Aeternity – $37 million

æternity is a new blockchain – designed for fast and secure smart contracts interfacing with real-world data via a decentralized oracle. Due to Parity hack in July 2017, intruders were able to steal around $30 000 000 and Aeternity was amongs the 3 affected projects:

  • Edgeless Casino
  • Aeternity
  • Swarm City


#14: SONM – $42 million

In their first 24 hours from the token sale they raised over $30 million and later reached $42M. SONM’s secure and cost-effective fog supercomputer is designed for general-purpose computing.


#13: ICON (NEW) – $43 million

Another Asian company, this time from Korea is entering the top charts. They claim that the ICON project will be building one of the largest decentralized networks in the world. Hopefully the $43+ million will be enough to do so.


#12: KIN (NEW) – $49 million

From creator of Kik messenger, we’ve got KIN – A decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life. This was one the first well funded companies launching a token sale.


#11: KyberNetwork(NEW) – $52.8 million

With advisors like Vitalik Buterin it would be surprise no to be in top 10, but they are short with $200,000. KyberNetwork is a new system which allows the exchange and conversion of digital assets.


#10: MobileGo – $53 million

The first big project to combine gaming and blockchain. It has been the largest ICO at that time in May 2017. We have seen decline of their token price (, but we expect to see big things from once the biggest ICO.


#9: DomRaider (NEW) – $62 million

Directly from France with a very strong team we have DomRaider, decentralized blockchain auctions in real-time. DomRaider is part of few established companies that have done token sale, so there is a lot of expectation from their team and product.


#8: Tenx – $64 million

TenX claim they will make cryptocurrencies spendable in real life! Being the only company that offers multiple cryptocurrencies to be spent through a debit card made them $64 million during their token sale.


#7: Tron (NEW) – $70 million

Tron is another participant from Asia with majority of the team from China. TRON is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol for the global digital entertainment industry.


#6: Comsa (NEW) – $78 million and counting

New ICO coming from Japan landing directly at place 6. Comsa is a solution for centralized businesses to adopt blockchain technologies. Their token sale continues and if it goes at this rate it might land at number 5 dethroning Status.


#5: Status – $108 million

Status is a browser, wallet and a messenger app. It is also a gateway to decentralized applications that are built on top of Ethereum. Unfortunately, the Status ICO highlighted major scalability issues for the Ethereum network, which got stuck due to the number of people trying to invest.


#4: Bancor – $153 million

Bancor, a prediction Blockchain project, raised roughly $153 mln in ether, the digital currency of the Ethereum Blockchain network, during its ICO in June 2017. Even though the ICO was controversial, it brought in over 390,000 ether, and according to estimates, the event was a record in the ICO market at the time.


#3: EOS – $185 million

EOS took the third place from Bancor, raising US$32 more at US$185 million during its ICO.


#2: Tezos – $232 million

The second biggest ICO is Tezos – decentralized blockchain capable of governing itself through a digital commonwealth sounds pretty interesting on paper.  Tezos successfully raised US$232.319 million.


#1: Filecoin – $257 million

The biggest ICO so far is the Blockchain data storage network Filecoin. Filecoin has officially completed its initial coin offering (ICO), raising more than $257 million over a month of activity.


Honorable mention:


The DAO – $168 million

It wasn’t a conventional ICO distribution, they weren’t selling or promoting any particular product, they were in a way selling the ownership of themselves. They aim to provide a business model for decentralized companies. This at the time set a record for the largest crowdfunding campaign in the history with $168,000,000.


*Note that the list is in USD and depending on the Ethereum price the amount would be changing.

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